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AP Literature and Composition Description & Syllabus

Course Description:  This course is designed to be commensurate with a college-level literature and composition introductory (first-year) course. Colleges and universities determine whether a student has met the requirements of such a course by way of that student’s performance on the AP Examination.  Therefore, although students are not required to take the AP exam, a portion of this class will also prepare the student for taking that exam.


Format of Course: This course follows the style of a college level discussion class. A question or prompt will often be posted on the board (more info to come) that will provoke thought and carry the discussion of the text for the remainder of the class. The primary focus of this class is not what the instructor thinks about a work (although that might come up), but how the student can understand the text and how the group can strengthen that. The role of the instructor is to facilitate and guide an exchange of ideas about a particular text. Notes should be taken based on what one’s classmates share and ideas the individual produces.  Any ideas in class are potential ideas for including in essays.

Use this link to see the full syllabus. AP Lit Syllabus 2021-22.docx