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Honors World History Syllabus

Introduction:  Hello!  Welcome to 9th grade World History.  We will take many approaches to studying this topic such as: group work, working with the Internet, projects, reports, academic journals and video clips. Current events will also be emphasized where they are appropriate. 

Course Description: World History is a course that examines history from 1300 CE to the present. This course will focus on the study of the historical development of people, places and patterns of life in the modern world. Students will develop an understanding of the concepts and principles of history, economics, geography, civics

Units of Study:

  1. Connecting Hemispheres 1300-1800
  2. Absolutism to Revolution 1500-1900
  3. Industrialism and the Race for Empire 1700-1914
  4. The World at War 1914-1945
  5. Perspectives on the Present 1945-Present

**Please note that there are five units of study which means there are five major unit tests; however, there will be a number of quizzes and/or papers and projects that will be worth a large number of points in each unit as well.**


  1. Quizzes

Any quiz missed for any reason must be made up upon your return to school.  It may differ from the original quiz given in class.  If it is not made up within one week, the grade becomes a zero. (Refer to “Absent Work” section of syllabus for further clarification.) If you have special circumstances please see me before or after class.

  1. Tests

Any test missed for any reason must be made up upon your return to school.  It may differ from the original test given in class.  If it is not made up within one week, the grade becomes a zero. (Refer to “Absent Work” section of syllabus for further clarification.)

**If you missed only the day of the test please expect to make up your test when you return to school the next day. A test portfolio will be collected at the end of the school year; this portfolio will count for as many points as a unit test.**

  1. Projects/Classwork

Any project/classwork missed for any reason must be turned in or you will receive an incomplete for the course or a zero for that assignment. Late projects without a doctor’s excuse will lose 10 points a day. Late work must be turned in according to the arrangements worked out between you and Mrs. Brant.

  1. Homework (varies)

  2. Learning / Reflection Logs / Academic Journals

  3. Midterm/Final Examinations

The midterm and final examinations count for 20% of the overall final grade.  A study guide will be provided prior to each exam and a thorough review will occur in class as well.  Please note that a low score on the final examination may result in the student repeating World History.


Grades will be based on homework, tests, quizzes, classwork and projects.   Tests will be given at the end of every unit.  Students will be given ample notice as to when a test is coming.  There will also be several projects throughout the course dealing with our course of study.  Students are often given time to work in class on these projects and are encouraged to use their time wisely.  Quizzes may be announced or unannounced (i.e. pop quiz). 

Academic Integrity: Each student will be asked to review and sign Susquehanna Township School District’s Academic Honesty Policy.  This policy will be strictly enforced in this class.  **Please note that if you plagiarize any assignment you will receive a zero for that assignment and you will be held responsible for your actions according to the policy in the student handbook.**

Absent Work:  It is YOUR responsibility to find out what you missed during the time you were absent.  If at all possible, please inform me that you will be out if it is a planned absence so that you can get your work ahead of time.  (Please note: if you want your work ahead of time it is best to let me know prior to the day before you plan to be out.) I do understand that illnesses happen, and should it happen to you, check with me as soon as you get back for missed work.  You will have one day per absence (up to five days) to make up work.  Again, it is your responsibility to schedule make- up tests and quizzes with me. Long-term projects are given well in advance and are due on the original due date unless an extension is approved by Mrs. Brant.


  1. Any student caught copying the course’s homework or assignment in class will receive a zero for that homework or assignment and it cannot be made up. 
  2. Similarly, the student whose homework or assignment was being copied from will also receive a zero that cannot be made up.
  3. Any homework done during a class lesson will not be accepted. The student will receive a zero for the assignment and it cannot be made up. (This does not include homework done during the self-directed full period reviews.)
  4. In the event that another teacher informs me that a student was doing or copying a course homework or assignment during the other teacher’s class lesson, that student will receive a zero for that homework or assignment that cannot be made up.
  5. See # 2.
  6. Assignments returned with an INC or incomplete may be completed and turned in for partial credit by the next class period. If an assignment is not returned by the next class period, it receives a zero and it cannot be made up
  7. All major writing assignments must be submitted to by 3 pm on the day that the writing assignment is due. Your writing assignment will not be graded if your work is not submitted properly and it will count as being late even if you have turned in a typed and printed copy.

Classroom Expectations:

  1. Students will be in your seat with all the appropriate materials for class when the bell rings.
  2. Students will work on social studies work in class.
  3. Students will be respectful of themselves, those around them, and the classroom.
  4. Students will stay in their seats unless given permission to move or regroup. 
  5. Students will utilize all Microsoft programs including TEAMS and other programs and applications that are needed for class.


  1. Textbook (provided by teacher) This year we will be using an online text.
  2. Pen or pencil
  3. Your district issued device
  4. Pocket folder or binder to keep classroom assignments, study guides, or handouts.
  5. Notebook or loose-leaf paper for class notes.

My door is always open. If there is a problem or an issue, please come speak with me. Also, feel free to email me, Mrs. Brant, anytime at

Academic Integrity in a Social Sciences/Studies Classroom

The purpose of this class is to learn how to think for yourself and about the social sciences.  Assignments in this class serve the purpose of practice, and/or assessment leading the student to mastery.  Any assignment completed with the use of an on-line answer/writing program, by another student or person, or by you using the work of another person will receive a zero and a referral for lack of academic integrity.  The teacher reserves the right to question and if necessary, nullify an assignment if the authenticity of the work is in question.  

Students who “work together,” should provide support to each other, but they should not simply copy the work of another.  All work should be unique to the student and his/her current level of learning.   One should keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to learn and be able to think independently.  Simply copying assignments or turning in the work of another person in order to gain credit does not promote learning. All work that is deemed to have been copied, or to have been the origin of the copied work is subject to a zero; thus, students who share their work for another student to copy will face consequences as well.

Furthermore, it is required that while working on assessments such as quizzes or tests, electronic devices remain out of sight in a teacher designated area.  The presence of an electronic device at any point during the administration of an assessment will be a violation of the security of the quiz/exam and the authenticity of the student’s work, resulting in a zero.

Your grade is a reflection of your skill level and effort.  Please take the time and make the effort to build your skill level.  Cheating the system by trying to take short cuts will undermine your ability to build your skills and to be an independent and academically honest student.