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AP Courses

High school students have an opportunity to complete college-level courses at the secondary level and may obtain college credit and/or advanced standing. Students should research the college or university they are interested in attending to ensure AP courses will be accepted. To meet this objective, academically challenging courses have been carefully developed in cooperation with The College Board. AP courses are subject to an auditing process by The College Board to ensure that curricular requirements are satisfied. This process has been successfully completed for all Advanced Placement courses. In the spirit of the Equity Policy Statement of The College Board, Susquehanna Township High School is committed to welcoming into AP courses all students who are willing to accept the challenge of a rigorous academic curriculum. Students are advised to discuss Advanced Placement requirements with their counselor or individual faculty members.

Please note that any AP course with enrollment less than 10 students will be moved to an online option via Hanna Cyber Academy powered by CAOLA.