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1440 Advanced Placement (AP) Literature

Prerequisite: Honors English 10, 11, or AP Composition, Teacher Recommendation

The Advanced Placement Literature course will emphasize critical reading and effective writing. Extensive reading assignments from World, British, and English literature will explore different styles and purpose in writing. Students will examine literary elements as well as produce in-depth analysis compositions that will be comparable to work in a college level English course. The study of literature will help students to gain an understanding of the principles of effective writing. Their writing skills will be developed by both various pre-assigned compositions and frequent in-class writing assignments in the same style as college assessments and AP Exam essays. This course is structured around a discussion based learning environment requiring students to daily offer personal insights and understandings in order to shape their individual analytic skills. Students who successfully pass the Advanced Placement examination may be awarded college credit in English upon entrance to most universities.